Import Customs Clearance

Completing Customs Declaration Form
Completing Customs Declaration Form

Completing precise and prompt declarations to customs on behalf of our customers is a priority and our customs agents are on hand 24/7 to ensure that this is achieved.

We are electronically connected to customs and all major UK ports and this ensures that customs formalities are completed within minutes of a ship or ferry arriving.

We tailor our customs clearance services to your needs and our knowledge is backed by decades of industry experience.

Ship unloading at Felixstowe

In the case of containerised cargo, modern-day vessels are so substantial that our customers’ cargo is often customs cleared before it’s physically discharged from the vessel.

We recognise that quay rent and container demurrage charges imposed by shipping lines can be detrimental to a customer’s bottom line, therefore, our swift customs clearance service helps our customers avoid/minimise these charges.

Ship unloading at Felixstowe
Customs Clearance
Customs Clearance

We liaise with the numerous government departments / agencies / bodies that may want to inspect your cargo on arrival into the UK including Port Health, DEFRA (HMI, PHSI and Forestry Commission), Customs (X-Ray exams and full out turns), Trading Standards and the UK Border Force.

Our customs clearance service covers the following ports:

  • Felixstowe
  • Tilbury
  • Teesport
  • Dover
  • Harwich
  • Killingholme
  • Immingham
  • London Gateway
  • Southampton
  • Thamesport
  • Liverpool
  • Bristol
  • Hull
  • Folkestone
  • Eurotunnel
  • Purfleet
  • Belfast
  • Grangemouth

Plus all major UK airports.

Hamburg Container Terminal at sunset

It is becoming more and more evident that customs audits can occur as long as 4 years after an import declaration has been made in the UK. We keep records of all our customers entries for 5+ years to ensure that we are able to support if and when an audit may occur.

Misdeclarations of import duty or VAT uncovered by an audit will result in customs issuing a payment demand to the importer for the difference.

We work with our customers to ensure our declarations are completed correctly first time to avoid any unwelcome post clearance demands like this.

Hamburg Container Terminal at sunset

Port Health

Lorry on road at sunset
Lorry on road at sunset

All food items containing animal products and imported into the UK are subject to Port Health checks. Under UK law they MUST be declared to Port Health no later than 24 hours prior to the cargo being landed otherwise the cargo can, legally, be denied entry to the UK.

We have been involved in the import of foodstuffs for the last 50 years and pride ourselves on our longstanding relationships with food importers.

We are also experienced in liaising with Port Health to ensure the necessary approvals are obtained prior to cargo entering free circulation.

Cost-Effective Tailor-Made Service

Container ship leaving port

Over the years, we have built close relationships with our carriers, and this enables us to offer a tailor-made service meeting our clients’ specific requirements.

All of our sub-contractors are contactable 24/7, so we can advise of any delays prior to the allocated booking time at the designated delivery point.


We also a price comparison service for haulage, enabling our clients to obtain the most cost-effective service whilst meeting their specific requirements.

Container ship leaving port

Partial Container Devanning Service

Aerial view of Felixstowe Container Terminal
Aerial view of Felixstowe Container Terminal

In Felixstowe, we also offer a partial container devanning service for containers shipped at a weight that exceeds the UK maximum gross vehicle weight to 44000kg. This service is performed outside of the dock.